Basic Auto Wreck Laws To Know In Indiana

When you are involved in a car crash and your vehicle is wrecked,you may find it necessary to hold the at-fault motorist financially liable. You’ll also want the insurance company to help you recover the damages. It’s necessary that you file your claim with the insurance company as soon as possible so that you can be compensated faster. In case the insurance fails to compensate you,then you can consider a lawsuit. But first,it is vital to understand a few auto wreck laws.

Without further ado,here are the basic auto wreck laws to know in Indiana:

1. The Statute of Limitations in Indiana

In Indiana,there’s a law that puts a specific deadline on filing lawsuits. It’s what we call the Statute of Limitations. For car crashes,the time limit is usually 2 years from the time of the crash. However,you need to note that this decree does not apply to insurance claims. You are expected to serve the insurance company with the notice of your wreck as soon as it happens. It applies to personal injuries caused by the wreck that the insurance company or the other party doesn’t want to own up.

2. Negligence Law in Indiana

Every motorist is supposed to demonstrate the duty of care on the roads to guarantee their safety and that of other motorists and passengers. Failure to do so amounts to a breach of duty of care or Negligence.

3. The 51% Rule in Indiana

At times,both motorists may be partly to blame for the wreck. In such a case,the jury will have to establish their percentage of contribution. Provided that the fault of the other driver exceeds 50%,you’ll be compensated.

Auto wreck laws in Indiana can be detailed but it takes the above basics to file an insurance claim or a lawsuit. Feel free to also speak to an- the moment you wreck your car so that you can briefed on the next step to take as well as other auto wreck laws to know in Indiana.

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