Baseball Hall of Fame: The Honor and Glory

Few sports around the world can match the history and appeal that baseball brings. When it was first played in the 1880’s,no one thought that it would sweep the nation and truly become America’s favorite sport. In the current age,it may have lost that title as football becomes more and more prominent,but there is still a soft spot in many people’s hearts for the beautiful game. view online source here

What it Means to Be Inducted

Because it has been around for so long,there have been thousands of outstanding players over the years that have accumulated mind blowing statistics that have stood the test of time. If there is one thing that baseball fans care about,it is statistics. For those elite players that have proven to be the very best of the best,enshrinement into the Baseball Hall of Fame awaits,immortalizing their careers for future generations to see. 323 players have been lucky enough to receive the honor,and more and more are added every year. view source to see what we mean

80 Years of History

The Hall of Fame building was established in 1939 in Cooperstown,NY. The original class of inductees is a Who’s Who of the most influential and talented players to ever take the field. This class includes the likes of Ty Cobb,Honus Wagner,Christy Mathewson,Walter Johnson,and the Sultan of Swat himself,Babe Ruth. These 5 players are still today looked on in reverence for their contributions,and still make many fans lists of the all time greatest ever.

Fast forward to the class of 2018 and you see the likes of Chipper Jones,Jim Thome,Vladimir Guerrero,and Trevor Hoffman. These are the modern-day warriors that the current generation had the pleasure of watching live and deserve their rightful place amongst the baseball elite. view source

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